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Company description

Company field

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  • Implementing permanent and emergency instructions in sites and facilities

  • Entrance and exit control

  • Recording the movement of visitors and agents

  • Following up on the movement of the approved permits, recording them and having them approved by the officials before leaving

  • Recording the movement of supplies and raw materials

  • Traffic management on site

  • Inform customers about events that offend the site, and collecting information and present it to officials immediately

  • Conducting a survey of buildings to ensure that they are free of workers

  • Inspection of workers and visitors during exit, as instructed

  • Islam Service also carries out civil defense and industrial security work to face any dangers that may threaten the health and safety of the facility and its employees

  • Securing public and private parties and conferences with the highest means of protection and safety, including personnel and equipment.

Security equipment used

  • An equipped operations room operating 24 hours a day to supervise and control all sites

  • Wireless communication devices.

  • Electronic surveillance systems (surveillance cameras connected to the company's operations room).

  • Alarms to warn in the event of any problem on the site.

  • Explosives detection devices

  • Weapons, security tools and trained police guard dogs when required.


Security personnel specifications

  • Islam Service relies on youth, intermediate qualifications, and retired members of the armed forces

  • They are fluent in English

  • Appropriate appearance in terms of height, shape and health

  • Wearing the company's official uniform

  • Trained on industrial security and firefighting instructions.

  • They have experience in security and guarding

  • Age from 20 to 45 years

  • Appointed by the company with official papers and a criminal record

  • Equipped with security tools and weapons, according to the site conditions and the client's request

Guarding plans

  • Guarding and securing for 24 hours a day in two shifts (day - night), each shift 12-hour

  • Ensure that individuals carry out their tasks and duties

  • Ensure that individuals wearing the company's uniform

  • Ensure that individuals are present at their points

  • Continuous checking on the site

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Cleaning services


The company carries out integrated cleaning works by specialized supervisors, and there are annual cleaning contracts.

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